Drawing Challenges and Sketchbooks!

Well this is our first blog! So we wanted it to showcase the monthly drawing challenges that also tie into the Sketchbook Library! Every month there is a drawing challenge posted to our Facebook and Instagram pages and website. The themes cover the current month by encouraging daily drawing based on the months theme. These themes also influence the Sketchbook Library theme(s)!

If you don't know what the Sketchbook Library is here is the description!

Inspired by “The Sketchbook Project” at the Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, New York. “The Sketchbook Project” is the world's largest library of artist sketchbooks that is crowd-sourced from every corner of the globe.

The Sketchbook Library is a similar project that intends to change the way creative people share their work in our local area. The Sketchbook Library will create a community of inspiration for art enthusiasts to the professional artists. Local artist joining the movement, can add their artwork and become apart of a collective that can shape the local art community. So, draw, write, collage, cut, print, photograph, paint, sketch, ink, innovate. In short, let your creative ideas fill up the sketchbook and once it is filled just send it back to join the collection so it can inspire the world.

We had our first sketchbook turned in by artist Lisa - nolalettering (instagram). What she created is amazing! You should totally stop by and take a look at it!

Below are a the past drawing challenges.

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